Bitcoin Payments and Rates

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Session Duration

Every aspect of the tutoring is individualized, including the session duration. Specifically, each session is at least 60 minutes, and any scheduled appointment can be extended by up to 30 minutes at no extra charge. For this reason, payment rates are per session, not per hour.

It’s important to me that the student accomplishes a meaningful learning objective during every session. Sometimes, that takes longer than 60 minutes! If the 60 minutes are up and …

  • we’re in the middle of a long problem,
  • the student has more questions about an important concept, or
  • a crucial topic still needs to be covered before tomorrow’s quiz,

then we can keep working without disrupting the learning process.


Your bitcoin payments will be processed via Coinbase, which does not deduct any transaction fees. Higher Math Help passes the savings on to you!

  • Rate (high-school or lower-division)
  • $465.78 (your savings: $14.22)
  • $242.45 (your savings: $7.55)
  • $62.82 (your savings: $2.19)
  • Service
  • 8 private online tutoring sessions
  • 4 private online tutoring sessions
  • 1 private online tutoring session
  • Rate (custom, upper-division, or standardized test)
  • $524.04 (your savings: $15.96)
  • $271.58 (your savings: $8.42)
  • $70.10 (your savings: $2.40)
  • Service
  • 8 private online tutoring sessions
  • 4 private online tutoring sessions
  • 1 private online tutoring session

Service Descriptions:

  • Lower-division refers to college courses at the freshman or sophomore level. These include multivariable calculus, as well as sophomore-level differential equations and linear algebra.
  • Upper-division refers to college courses at the junior or senior level. These include most proof-based courses.
  • Custom refers to custom courses that I design. These courses are for students not already enrolled in traditional courses.

Please contact me if you’re unsure about which rates apply to you. Thanks! — Greg

How to Make a Payment

To make a bitcoin payment, click on the button below for the appropriate subject level, and follow the prompts.

If you already have bitcoin and choose to pay using a account, you will be prompted to sign in, and then you’ll need to click on either the Send SMS or Phone Call button to receive your verification code. Otherwise, choose the option to send your payment using a bitcoin address.


  1. Before making a payment, please request at least one session through the scheduling page and wait to receive written confirmation of your appointment.
  2. Payment is expected to be made before the scheduled appointment.

Price Fluctuation

No matter where you live in the world, you’re welcome to try out bitcoin if you like! If you’d like to try it out, please be aware that the BTC (bitcoin) to USD (United States dollar) exchange rate is subject to change.

Payment Form

By submitting a payment, you are indicating your acceptance of the Higher Math Help Terms.

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