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Client Testimonials

I contacted Greg after going through two tutors for physics help. I was taking a summer physics course, and by the time I had contacted Greg, there was only one week left of my class. Greg so graciously began creating a game plan for the next week. He works efficiently and thoroughly, and I was impressed by his lectures and tutoring. He worked hard to help me understand topics completely, and after working with Greg, even for the short time that I did, I left the class with a much better understanding of the material. He will stop at nothing to help his students learn, and learn well! Thank you Greg!
— Kristina, University of Colorado Boulder

After struggling with my first year calculus course, I contacted Greg to have him help me retake the class the next semester, and this was without a doubt one of the best academic decisions I ever made. Thanks to Greg’s expertise and teaching skills, I excelled in the class, eventually earning an A+. With this experience, I decided to have Greg tutor me in the following semesters through classes such as vector calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. With his help I was able to perform well in these classes as well as remember key concepts. In addition to tutoring me in my classes, he also helped me develop independent study skills for my future classes, which I used successfully during my differential equations II class. I don’t know how I could have gotten this far without his help, and I am forever grateful.
— AG, Purdue University Senior (Calculus, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations)

In my first year at Purdue, I found myself struggling with the content and pace of my Calculus II class. During my first meeting with Greg, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of Purdue’s mathematics department as well as the course content. He correctly assessed my gaps and helped me develop a plan to succeed in Calc II. During sessions, Greg presented clear lessons, and he was always willing to spend extra time reviewing until he was sure I completely understood the content. With Greg’s approach, I retained the material better and learned the concepts at a deeper level. Greg ultimately helped me to excel in this class. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to strengthen their confidence and ability in mathematics.
— Andrea, Purdue University, Calculus II (MA 166)

Greg did a great job helping me with Calculus my freshman year at Alabama– received an A in the class!
— Allie, Freshman at Alabama, Calculus

I’ve used Greg’s services for 4 consecutive semesters, and I continue to do well in math classes. It’s no coincidence, as Greg’s one-on-one approach ensures that you will really learn and understand the material. This past semester, he helped me to my highest grade yet in a college math class in linear algebra (Purdue MA265). Greg is always willing to keep working with you until you understand a concept, even if it means going well past the scheduled amount of time. He will actually teach you concepts, not just how to do problems, which is hugely beneficial both for a given course and for courses down the road. I will surely contact Greg for all my future math tutoring needs.
— Eric, Linear Algebra Tutoring (MA 265), Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my son this past semester.  I can hardly believe that he ended up with an A+ in both classes!  All I have to say is that you’re awesome.  While I suppose we should give our son some of the credit for putting in the work, we all agree it’s mostly you. :)  You obviously knew how to explain the material well, made sure he retained the understanding from week to week, and held him accountable for doing the work.  He particularly liked the online method.  It was flexible enough to allow for real-time back & forth interaction and uploading materials, and had the added benefit of being able to view the recorded sessions to see problems worked and hear the explanations again later.  That proved to be quite a valuable advantage!  He is looking forward to working with you on STAT 225 next semester.
— Elizabeth (Parent), Applied Calculus Tutoring (MA 223, 224), Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

We began utilizing Greg at Higher Math Help during our son’s first semester of pre-calculus.  With each passing week, it was becoming clear he did not understand the material and was falling behind.  After just a few hours with Greg, the lost time was quickly recovered and comprehension of new material was demonstrated in our son’s homework results, test scores and semester grade.  Our son’s confidence is significantly improved and he is looking forward to taking calculus.  Because of this positive experience, our son also works with Greg to prepare for the SAT. We are extremely pleased with our son’s progress and the positive influence Greg has made through all his efforts and teaching abilities.
— Robert McConnell; High School Precalculus and SAT Parent; Lafayette, Indiana

Online tutoring is really awesome plus the fact that it records and you can review helps a lot.
— Ben Nelson, Applied Calculus Tutoring (MA 223, 224), Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

My son tried to find tutors for a Calc class at Purdue, but he was late enough into the semester that he had tremendous difficulty finding anyone to help him, let alone someone who was competent at it. Just before he started working with Greg, he started working with an aeronautical engineering grad student and the difference was compelling. After two sessions with the grad student, he dropped the person because of their inability to communicate what they knew. Many are the people who understand math and can easily perform the required exercises. Few are the people who understand math, can easily perform the required exercises, AND CAN RELAY THAT KNOWLEDGE TO OTHERS. He was dedicated in his committment to help my son and was available whenever he was needed. If you are in need of math tutoring, you are in need of a teacher and I would strongly recommend Greg.
— Don, Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana;
Differential calculus with applications to management and economics (MA 223)

After I dropedp my calc course the first semester of my freshman year, I decided to have another go at it the previous semester. The best thing I could have done was contact Greg. He took the time to go over the concepts with me so that I would have a more in depth understanding of what I was doing during my homework, quizzes, and exams. Greg saved my grade in that class!!!
— Kelton, Freshman at Purdue University, Calculus for the Life Sciences I (MA 231)

All I have to say is that Greg was by far the best tutor I have ever had. I struggled understanding the concepts in my Finite class and Greg was willing and able to help me understand. He was very willing to meet with me whenever I needed him and his services helped me graduate from Indiana. Thank you Greg.
— Daniel, Indiana University Grad, Finite

I contacted Greg after failing my second consecutive midterm in Purdue’s MA165 (Calc I) course.  I saw significant improvement by the final exam, scoring well above the class average.  Greg’s extensive knowledge of the material, coupled with his ability to explain concepts both in-depth and in simpler terms, helped me immensely with my understanding of calculus.  In addition, he was always willing to extend a session in order to ensure that I had a firm grasp of the material.  I will definitely continue to use Greg’s services for future math courses.
— EV, Freshman at Purdue University, Calculus I (MA 165)

Real analysis (MA 341) was one of the toughest classes I’ve taken at purdue. While knowing that, I’ve still paid little attention to the class until the end of second midterm, which turned out to be horrible. Desperate in need of help, I came across to Greg’s tutoring and it proved to be the right choice. He made this class look easy, explaining everything in formal definitions from just memory, but still very clear and easy to understand. And to be very honest, tutors sections were enjoyable and I actually told many of my friends how much I have learnt from this class, all because of his effort. What’s more is he’s a very diligent and dedicated teacher, always asking for class information in advance for self preparation. Unlike other tutors, he doesn’t end the class when time is up, but makes sure the student understands all the covered topics before he/she goes. We were stuck in the library one day before my final exam in front of 20 practice questions at the evening, and we ended up going through all of them until 3am! The most important part is, I got an A for my final exam. Thanks greg!
— JK, Senior at Purdue University, Real Analysis (MA 341)

I contacted Greg about a week into Calculus 1 at IU when I realized I was going to need some help. His ability to teach the subject in an understandable manner, along with working through the problems with me allowed me to Ace my first year calc course. He was very dedicated to helping me grasp the concepts and often stayed an extra 30 or 45 minutes to make sure that I understood every aspect of material. If you have any doubts about your performance in a math course, Greg will make sure that you succeed.
— Steve, Indiana University, Calculus I (Course Number M211)
Greg met with me for the first time when I realized I was not going to do well on an exam the next day. Not only did he make sure I understood every concept that was going to be in the exam, he stayed until 11:30pm until he believed that I was prepared. The rest of the semester Greg continued helping me, and I did extremely well in a class that I thought was going to be miserable. I couldn’t have done it with out him. Thank you!!!
— Jessica, Indiana University, Finite Mathematics (Course Number D117)

My son didn’t start struggling with math until his junior year in highschool. Algebra II and calc/trig killed his GPA until a friend suggested Greg@HigherMathHelp. My son’s comment after the first session was, “I’ve learned more in one hour from Greg than one week in class” and “I actually understand WHY I’m doing this to get the answer, that makes a huge difference”.
Greg is flexible and great to work with,I highly recommend him!
— Michele, High School Algebra II and Precalculus/Trig Parent; Bloomington, IN

My son had taken Algebra I summer school and failed the Algebra I ECA’s twice. He had failed the 1st semester of Algebra II and was about to fail the second semester.  We contacted Greg and with Greg’s careful instructions he passed Second semester Algebra II and his 3rd attempt at the Algebra I ECA.
— Debbie, High School Algebra I and II Parent; Bloomington, IN

Plain and simple: Greg saved my freshman year.
— Mitchell, Freshman at Indiana University, Finite Mathematics (Course Number M118)

Ever since I was little I struggled with math courses. When I came to IU this trend continued. Thankfully, I happened to come across Higher Math Help and Greg Stanton. Greg truly is one of the best tutors I have ever come across. He always explains the material in a very clear manner that makes it easy to learn and not memorize! On top of the grade boost that you are certain to see, he is a very nice guy that is flexible with his students. If you struggle with math (like me), then I highly recommend Higher Math Help!
— Indiana University Junior, Finite Mathematics (D116-D117)

Thank you so much for helping my daughter in honors algebra II. She had improved greatly went from a D to a B in 6 weeks. Thank you so much.
— L.P.

I recently picked up a math minor and have to cram in four classes in three semesters to complete the requirements. As I started Calc 2, I felt that I was in over my head and contacted Higher Math Help. Greg helped me gain the confidence to not only pass the class but to excel and reach my desired grade in the course. As I continue my minor I would without a doubt continue to use Higher Math Help.
— Paul, Senior at Indiana University, Calculus II (M212)

Thanks for your help! My son was able to bring his algebra grade up significantly in just a few weeks. I wish we had known about you earlier! You were great to work around our schedule and paying for sessions in packages was cost effective as well as convenient.
— CL; Bloomington, IN

My son was taking college level Finite Math in high school and was struggling. He started with Higher Math and the improvement was dramatic. Greg was able to explain the concepts in a manner which made it clearer and more understandable. Our son liked going to the sessions and his confidence increased substantially as he grasped the material, which in turn resulted in much better grades. He consistently received A’s and B’s and I know he will enter college with more confidence in his ability to continue with math and even other subjects. I would highly recommend Higher Math Help to anyone.
— ERT; Bloomington, IN

Math has always been my most dreaded subject, so when I had to take M120 my first semester here I was not doing very well on my own. Thankfully I found Greg who was able to help me get a B+ in my class, a grade I haven’t had in a math class in years!
— Alyssa, Student at Indiana University, Brief Survey of Calculus II (Course Number M120)

The exceptional help I received from Greg turned anxiety and certainty of doom and/or failure on my GRE into a score I was grateful to receive. After not having studied any of the math on the GRE since high school and a poorly organized GRE prepatory course that did not jog my memory, I felt hopeless that I could adequately prepare myself for the GRE. I contacted Greg with only a week and a half until my exam date, and he managed to help me bring my score up by over 100 points. He’s an excellent tutor; patient, detailed, and clear. As a math phobic individual, I highly recommend him to anyone who needs serious tutoring. His consideration of your needs as an individual, as well as his thorough coverage of material in a concise period of time, make him an ideal instructor.
— Charlotte, IUB student, GRE tutoring

With help from Greg my work in finite improved throughout the semester. I ended the course with an even better grade than I expected!
— Charlotte, Student at Indiana University, Finite Mathematics (Course Number M118)

I got an A for the semester. Thanks for all your help you made all the difference in understanding the material. I am looking forward to starting a new semester.
— James, Ivy Tech Student, College Algebra (Math 136)

I PASSED!!!!!! Thanks to you! Thanks again for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!!
— Lauren, Ivy Tech Student, Finite Mathematics (Math 135)

I’m happy to report [my daughter] received an A- in algebra and passed her CORE40 test. That means, you helped her raise her grade from failing to A- in about 8 weeks! Great job! Thanks for all your hard work.
— K.S.

I needed to take Calc III to fulfill an application requirement at a graduate school that I was applying to.  It had been about 4 years since I had taken Calc II, so I had forgotten a substantial amount of the prerequisite material.  Additionally, I was taking the class during summer session 1, so I had very little time to relearn forgotten material.  Greg was able to provide a concise, but thorough, review of the skills and techniques that I had forgotten while also helping me keep up with the pace of the class.  I found Greg’s tutoring style to be effective and accommodating.  He didn’t overly emphasize things that were beyond the scope of what I needed to know, but he also ensured that I understood the material beyond the level of simply memorizing equations.  With Greg’s help, I was able to succeed in a class that I was initially unprepared to take.  I also found that buying sessions in a package resulted in a cheaper rate than what many other tutors in Bloomington charge.
— Taylor, Senior at Indiana University, Calculus III (Course Number M311)


My name is Jacob, and I just graduated from IU in May.  I foolishly waited to take finite until my senior year and found out I had made a mistake when I started the semester out doing poorly in the course.  I only had a D in finite by the time midterms rolled around.  I saw an advertisement for a math tutor by the name of Greg Stanton.  I wisely contacted him and ended up doing extremely well in my finite course while actually learning the material I was studying.  Greg is outstanding at helping students gain a good understanding of the material that they are learning without giving them the answers.  I am very pleased with the tutoring help I received from Greg and would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with their collegiate math courses.
— Jacob, Senior at Indiana University, Finite Mathematics (Course Number D116-D117)

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