Private Math Tutoring Sessions

A private math tutoring session consists of an hour of one-on-one instruction. Several tutoring sessions may be scheduled consecutively, so that a meeting with a student can last for two hours or more, but each hour will be considered a separate session for payment purposes.

If there is additional material to cover at the end of the scheduled time, then the tutoring can be extended by an extra 30 minutes without any additional charge. This policy is intended to provide flexibility, since each student learns in a unique way and at a unique pace!

The focus of the tutoring is always determined by the student’s goals.

Tutoring for Math Courses

If the goal is mastery of the material in a particular math course, the sessions typically consist of conceptual lessons (as needed), discussion of homework, and preparation for quizzes and exams; independent study skills are emphasized throughout.

The tutor does not solve homework exercises for the student. Instead, hints are provided, often in the form of other exercises. For instance, the tutor will often create a new exercise that is similar to a given homework problem, give hints until the student can solve the new exercise, and then repeat this process as needed until the student can solve the homework problem without assistance. In this way, the student cannot leave a session without having understood the concepts in his or her own unique way.

Tutoring for Standardized Exams

Help is offered with the math sections of standardized tests such as the ACT Test, the SAT and SAT Subject Tests (Math Level I and II), and the GRE revised General Test.

If the goal of the student is a certain score on a standardized test, then the tutor will begin by recommending one or more test prep books, including a source of practice exams (exams written by the maker of the actual test are chosen whenever possible).

Typically, the student will then take a diagnostic test at home and bring the results to the first tutoring session. The tutor will use this test to introduce test-specific strategies and, if there are extensive gaps in knowledge, to devise a targeted conceptual review.

This will be followed by additional practice exams, which will be taken at home and discussed during tutoring. The aim is for the student to consistently score at or above their desired score when taking the practice exams.

Custom Teaching Services

For a custom course, a complete curriculum will be designed to suit the student’s specific needs. Topics will be covered during regularly scheduled tutoring sessions.  Frequent assessments will also be provided, including assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Custom courses have been provided to homeschooling students during the academic year, as well as to students looking to catch up or get ahead over the summer. Anyone looking to learn a math subject outside of a traditional classroom could potentially benefit from such a course. Students in a custom Higher Math Help course will not receive any credits that will be transferable to high schools or colleges.

Possible subjects are listed below. (Rates for this service are typically the same as the rates for standardized test prep.)

Math Subjects Tutored

Subjects tutored range from high-school level mathematics to senior-level courses for undergraduate math majors. Specific subjects include, but are not limited to,

  • real and complex analysis,
  • abstract and linear algebra,
  • probability and statistics,
  • discrete mathematics,
  • differential equations,
  • multivariable and single variable calculus,
  • pre-calculus,
  • finite math,
  • trigonometry;
  • elementary, intermediate, and college algebra;
  • high school geometry,
  • pre-algebra, and
  • basic mathematics.

You can also view specific courses I’ve tutored in the past, by subject or location.