Services to Be Performed

Higher Math Help will provide tutoring sessions to the client (the party who makes the payment) or to the designated student (if different from the client) for the courses or standardized exams indicated.  At the sole discretion of Higher Math Help, tutoring may also be provided for additional courses or exams.

Each private session consists of one-on-one instruction lasting for one hour. Several sessions may be scheduled consecutively, so that a meeting with a student can last for more than one hour, but each hour will be considered a separate session for payment purposes and will be referred to as such in these Terms of Service.

Payment and Terms

The client may request that purchased sessions be scheduled all in the same week, once per week, twice per week, or however the client sees fit.  However, if the client purchases a session or sessions and does not schedule them at the time of payment, it may not be possible to schedule all purchased sessions before the end of the relevant academic term or standardized testing date, and no refund will be provided in this event.


If the student wants to receive further tutoring after a scheduled session has ended, then the tutor will provide overtime tutoring if possible, and the client agrees to pay any costs for such tutoring, according to the following rules.  If the overtime tutoring lasts less than thirty minutes, it will be provided free of charge.  If the overtime tutoring lasts between thirty and sixty minutes, the student will be charged for a full session, at the same rate that applied to the preceding session.

If the client and student are different and the client wishes to be consulted before overtime sessions are conducted, then Client must indicate this wish by submitting a message through the contact form.

Make-up Sessions

The responsibility of scheduling a make-up session rests solely with the client and the student. The client or student may request to reschedule any private session to which the student fails to arrive or to which the Student arrives late.

Higher Math Help offers no guarantee that rescheduling will be possible, and no refund will be issued if the make-up session is not held before the end of the relevant academic term, in case the missed session was for an academic course, or before the testing date, in case the missed session was for standardized exam preparation.

If a student arrives late for an appointment and requests tutoring for the remainder of the session, the student will be charged for a full session.


For the purpose of determining refund eligibility, a private session will be considered canceled provided written notice is received twenty four hours prior to the start time of the session.

A refund, either full or partial, will be issued for a session only if

  1. the student withdraws from the academic course or cancels the standardized test for which he or she is receiving tutoring before attending all purchased sessions, and the client cancels remaining sessions as indicated,
  2. a session is canceled due to hazardous travel conditions or tutor’s absence, or tutor is tardy in excess of ten minutes, or
  3. Higher Math Help is unable to render services for an indefinite or prolonged period due to a catastrophic event.

If condition 1 is met, a partial refund will be issued upon written request, according to the following guidelines:

  • If notice of cancelation is issued prior to the first session,  the cost of the package less a cancellation fee of $45 will be refunded;
  •  If at least one session has already been held and at least one unused session remains, then a refund will be issued in the amount of the unused balance less the total discount applied to sessions held prior to cancelation (equivalently, the client owes Higher Math Help the full single session price for each session that was held, but owes nothing for unused sessions).

If conditions 2 or 3 are met, and the client chooses not to schedule make-up sessions or it is impossible to schedule a make-up session for any reason, a full refund will be issued for the canceled sessions, upon written request.

No refunds will be issued for services that have already been rendered.

Service Limitations

Higher Math Help has the sole right to control and direct the means, manner, and method by which the services will be performed; Higher Math Help will never complete an assignment or exam on the client’s behalf.

No Guarantee

Higher Math Help makes no guarantee that the student will achieve the desired academic grade or test score, and no reimbursement will be issued for tuition, standardized test related expenses or other costs in the event that the client or student is not satisfied with a grade or score.

No Liability

Higher Math Help shall not be liable to the client or student for any loss, damages, or expenses resulting from or in connection with Higher Math Help’s services.

Nonexclusive Transfer

Higher Math Help grants to the client a royalty-free nonexclusive license to use any materials created or developed by Higher Math Help for the client to further the goals of the purchased sessions.  The license shall have a perpetual term, and the client may not transfer it.  Higher Math Help shall retain all copyrights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights to said material.